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Clinical Trials(1998) 

For Dylan Ice, a second-year law associate at a prestigious St. Louis firm,  the case seems simple. His clients want guardianship of their hospitalized daughter, Nicole Girard, because she is mentally unfit.  But a major donor to the hospital seems abnormally interested in Nicole’s fate and Nicole's lover gives Dylan cryptic warnings—and then disappears. Soon Dylan finds himself embroiled in a labyrinth of corruption and conspiracy, one that reaches as high as the Oval Office. He must risk his career and his life to expose the truth—or else become the next subject of the deadly Clinical Trials.

In the best selling tradition of John Grisham and Michael Palmer, a gripping legal/medical thriller . . . 

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Final Remedy (1996) 

(Second Edition; first edition published by Harper Collins Publishers)

When a black man dies of an apparent overdose, everyone on the ER staff assumes he's the latest victim of D.C.'s drug epidemic--until he's identified. Now, under ugly accusations of racism, attending physician Dr. Karen Moore has become the target of a multimillion-dollar malpractice suit that could destroy her entire future. For plaintiff's lawyer Elliot Roth, victory seems almost too easy -- until he stumbles on some strange contradictions surrounding the mysterious death.  He and Karen form an uneasy alliance as they embark on a dangerous search for the truth. What they discover is a devastating medical conspiracy whose perpetrators will stop at nothing -- even murder -- to carry out their plan....

"A stimulating mix of medical pick-me-ups, legal heart activators, and piquant romance -- with a dose of refreshingly honest politics....the perfect prescription."
-- Les Whitten 

Author of The Disciple and The Alchemist

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